Company Overview

PeopleLink is a decade old company that pioneers in modern video conferencing solutions to unleash the power of virtual collaboration. We help organizations worldwide confront the distance problem with innovative video communication solutions to achieve higher productivity, better customer service, reduced operational expenses and greater ROI for the customer.
PeopleLink has pioneered some of the most innovative Video Enabled Business Process software products such as Video Commerce, Video Governance, Telemedicine and Virtual LMS. Its range of offerings includes next-generation video technology software, as well as audio-visual peripherals, focused on various industry verticals.
Genie of Enterprise collaboration
A wide range of products in the categories of:-
Audio-Visuals hardware
Video Conference software & endpoints
AV & UC controllers
VEBP application

PeopleLink, after accomplishing a peak pan India coverage is now expanding its Global operations. Its range of offerings includes next-generation Video technology and Audio Video peripherals across a wide range of focused industry verticals. PeopleLink product portfolio offers an end to end conferencing solutions including –
PeopleLink Software Solutions – (PeopleLink UTPPlus & InstaVC)
PeopleLink Appliance based Endpoints – (PeopleLink RX, FX, HX & PX Series)
PeopleLink Customized Utility Bundles – (PeopleLink ePodium, PeopleLink Lectern, PeopleLink ProAmp Plus, PeopleLink e-Desk, PeopleLink Visualizer, PeopleLink White Board Solution, PeopleLink Soundbar, PeopleLink Insta-Controller, PeopleLink Wireless Conference Solution, PeopleLink LootatMe)
PeopleLink Peripherals – (PeopleLink DUO, PeopleLink i100P, PeopleLink Quadro, PeopleLink PVC50 Series, PeopleLink UVC15 Series, PeopleLink iCam HD-2000LT, PeopleLink iCam HD-1000PlusUSB, PeopleLink iCam HD-720USB, PeopleLink iCam WHD 720p 3x, PeopleLink iCam WHD 1080p 10x, PeopleLink iCam WHD 1080p 12x, PeopleLink WHD 12x Camera, PeopleLink i5 Webcam, PeopleLink i10 Telepresence Camera, PeopleLink Fisheye Camera).

PeopleLink offers the most robust service in the Industry today; surpassing its competition in terms of dedicated focus from our Account Managers for prompt sales services along with a remote troubleshoot team for maintaining the highest uptime, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity to our customers & partners. PeopleLink also offers a strong and agile partner network to connect with our esteemed partners across 25 countries globally.

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