Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. (MS) is well-established organization managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel. Always ready to provide prompt services to nationwide computer users. In the quest for greater efficiency and productivity we are heading to be the number one company in providing all Apple products, Video Conference Solution, Learning Management Solution, Healthcare Solution, Virtual Class room Interactive White Board, Live Streaming, HR and Payroll Solution, Content Management, Web/PTZ Conference Camera, Conference Speakers and Microphones, Digital Podiums and many more customized Solution for all Industry Verticals. The dedication and hard work of this new team have already made Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. a well-known name for hardware and software computer services throughout Nepal. Our aim is to make the company successful by providing customer satisfaction with our goods and services, and to create a good job opportunity for our employees in the future.


The office of Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. is located in Kantipath, next to Nabil Bank. Its occupy to first floor of the four storied building, which includes a computer showroom, service area and marketing and administrative section. Parking is very convenient in the back of the building. Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. has committed to work beyond working time according to our customers’ need. Customers communicate with us over the telephone, by mail or e-mail whichever way is convenient for them.

Personnel Profiles:

Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. offers expertise in a range of specialize field and have extensive network of associates who are specialists in related fields. The Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. is always ready to provide an individual consultant, a small team or a large multi-disciplinary team to achieve a client’s specific need.

Mac Support Pvt.Ltd (Since 1994)
Mr.Prashanna Shrestha has been working in the computer field for over twenty five years with a proven record of accomplishment in Marketing and sales. Before forming Mac Support Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Shrestha was a Marketing Manager at MIPS Pvt. Ltd., the pioneer computer agency in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha is also an experienced troubleshooter in Macintosh Operating System. Mr. Shrestha was the trustee for the Nepal Trust UK, Find Horn Trust UK and the Past President for Nepal Trust Humla.

Mr.Sudarshan Khadka has been working with Macintosh, since it came in the market, in Nepal. He has vast experience in Desktop publishing and has trained hundreds of DTP operators in Nepal. His overall performance in business is exceptional.

All the rest of our staff members are very well trained and qualified in specialized field. The team consists of ten ladies and four men. The best part of our team is, all the members are determined and highly dedicated to their work. As we believe diversity innovates new ideas and creates a bond, our Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. team also possess team members belonging from various cultural background. Mac Support Pvt. Ltd. is established to carry the service to our customers and help to solve their problems with our best efforts. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.